Why In Moms I Trust?

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I spent so much time reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, going down Instagram rabbit holes, having Pinterest panic attacks and talking to moms about what I needed. It entailed trying to discern which brands were the best, breastfeeding tips, how to pack my hospital bag, postpartum must-haves, nursery organization, etc. Just typing it is bringing back all the stress. BLAGH.

Sometimes I wanted to collapse under the cloud of hormones and overwhelming information and just throw in the towel. “Maybe,” I thought to myself, “I’ll wing this and just buy as we go”.

Boy am I thankful that didn’t happen because when she arrived we had everything we needed. We didn’t have to spend any time going to the store to buy things or rush ordering stuff from Amazon and praying it arrived faster than two days. We had more time to survive and try to enjoy those first weeks.

Those resources also helped me to have realistic expectations for what it would be like on the other side of the bump. Because of other mothers sharing their stories, I was able to mentally prepare myself for the very real possibilities of an episiotomy, c-section, NICU baby, postpartum depression, breastfeeding difficulties, etc.

The bottom line is that other moms have helped me so much on my motherhood journey. I trust them and want to hear from as many mothers as I can on how they do motherhood.

My hope is that this blog will be a place where you can find trusted information that will help and inspire you as a mother. My blog will be a mix of all kinds of different content, but the content I’m most looking forward to will be interviews with real moms. Moms of all types: stay at home moms, working moms, NICU moms, special needs moms, adoptive moms, moms of multiples, moms with disabilities, moms from all walks of life. I want to hear from them and share how they do motherhood. My hope is that it will encourage and inspire.


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