Why This Noise Machine is the Best

The first time I was introduced to using white noise for babies I was nannying two, twin 9-month-old girls. Their mother walked me through their naptime routine and emphasized the criticality of turning on the Baby Shusher at max volume. I was confused as to how a loud, kind of harsh-sounding noise seemed to calm them almost instantly.

Then I had my own baby and stared in awe as my newborn fell into a deep sleep while I was vacuuming or blow-drying my hair within arms reach of her precious little ears. There was even that time she konked out next to the TV while Call The Midwife was on Mach 10 so that my MIL could hear. Quiet seemed to be the enemy of newborn peace.

We had registered for two sound machines on my baby registry, the MyBaby by Homedics SoundSpa – On-the-Go Sound Machine and the Baby Shusher.

We started out using the MyBaby sound machine with the heartbeat noise but were disappointed with the battery life and maximum volume level. It was definitely not designed for everyday use and if you are purchasing it, keep in mind that this is designed more for on the go use. But even then, the battery life is short and you’ll need to travel with spare batteries. Boo!

Next, we took the Baby Shusher for a spin. It has a timer for auto shut-off so your options are 15, 30 and 45 minutes. We were very impressed by the volume options, don’t be deceived by the size of this noise machine, it can crank out some loud shushes! However, it’s an awkward shape and there’s no way to attach it to the bassinet, meaning you need a nearby surface to rest it on. Also, depending on your baby, the lack of constant noise (since it shuts off after a period of time) can be a disadvantage. Sometimes it takes a baby longer than 45 minutes to fall asleep or they wake up shortly after falling asleep. The short-timer window means more opportunity for sleep disturbances and shorter sleep times. No bueno.

Next was the iPhone app route. The best app I’ve found so far is the Deep Sleep app. It has a huge variety of white noise sounds. Nora’s top two sounds are Brown Noise and Hairdryer. BUT, using an app meant that my phone was hijacked for naptime. I tried to combat this by connecting to a Bluetooth speaker but then my text messages would interrupt, I had to keep my phone and speaker charged AND be in a certain range of Nora’s room. I’m breathless just typing it.

I wanted a white noise machine that was effortless. One that had sound options, was portable, that the grandparents/babysitters could figure out and didn’t have to charge constantly (one less cord). Sidenote, but does anyone else own a tumbleweed of baby gear chargers?

Drumroll…I found it! And it’s worth every single penny.

Here’s why the Lectro Fan Kinder Sleep Sound Machine is the ONLY white noise machine you’ll need to buy:

  1. Saveable noise, light, and volume setting combinations. Customize til’ your mama-heart is content!
  2. You can use it with and without the app!
  3. Cordless. Just plugs into the wall. Eliminates the danger of cords near the crib and the pain in the @** of charging another electronic device.
  4. Loud enough! Trust me on this one. Our neighbor has a Doberman who barks ALL the time, we’re talking noise complaint worthy loud and Nora’s nursery is the closest to their yard! Miraculously, with this machine, she is able to sleep through the ruckus.
  5. Small, compact and easy to travel with. We have packed this on many vacations and it takes up little to no room in our suitcase.
  6. You can use it as a night light (CUSTOMIZABLE COLORS, every kid’s dream) as they get older or if you want a night light for them now!

See how it works in my YouTube video below:

Questions about the Lectro Fan Kinder? Ask below! What’s your ride-or-die white noise machine?

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