Apps That Make Life With A Baby Easier

These are my must-have baby apps. I have downloaded and deleted many baby apps but these are the ones that have survived and (dare I say) made my life easier.

White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds– On-the-go noise machine, great for calming baby when you are away from home.

Pampers Rewards– Rewards (that term should be used loosely with this app…) if you’re trying to get something in return for all the money you spend on diapers.

MOC (Moms On Call Scheduler) Looking for a rough outline of times baby should be eating, awake and sleeping? This app provides schedules that adjust with baby’s age.

Baby Tracker If you have a newborn, you need this. Keep track of nursing sessions, diaper count, time slept, last start side and more, all from your phone.

The Wonder Weeks– Stay one step ahead of your baby with this app. You’ll find a baby forecast that lets you know when you’re due for stormy periods and when you’ll be in the clear. It’s all based on their developmental milestones which you can also read more about in the app.

Baby’s First Foods Introducing solids is scary. This app keeps track of the foods you’ve fed baby, as well as reactions and preferences.

Baby Center– You may already have this on your phone from pregnancy but this app has some really great articles to read through, all the content is tailored to the age of your baby.

What baby/toddler/kids apps do you have on your phone? Would love to see screenshots!


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