I’m A Fan Friday: Lululemon Fast & Free Crop II

My everyday outfit is usually some sort of yoga/workout pant, my Birkenstocks and a t-shirt. My fashion sense can be described as “comfort”. Finding a good fitting yoga pant is very hit or miss. I prefer high waisted pants to hold in my mommy pooch that I don’t have to constantly pull up. I also don’t want a see-through situation where all of my dimples and cellulite is on display.

These Fast & Free Crop’s have quickly become some of my most worn pairs of yoga pants. The material is buttery soft, it’s called “Nulux”, and is described on the website as “quick-drying, sweat-wicking, and offers lightweight coverage”. The fabric also has lycra in it which makes them stretchy yet form fitting.

These are great pants for moms because you can easily wipe off any spit-up, snot or food stains and continue about your day. This is weird to type, but I have a larger butt, which makes finding leggings that look flattering on, a chore. The feature that really sold me on these are all the pockets, specifically the two side pockets on the leg. It’s the perfect spot for my iPhone and I use it all the time having a baby on me 24/7.

Lululemon is very expensive and I understand that not everyone wants to spend $100+ dollars on a pair of leggings. However, all of my Lululemon gear has lasted YEARS and still looks brand new. For me, that’s worth the cost considering how much wear I get out of them.

What are your favorite yoga/workout pants? We should really just rename them mom pants…am I right?



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