Worth It or Pass? The Skip Hop 3-Stage Activity Center

It’s hard to differentiate between what you need and what is nice to have when it comes to baby stuff. I hesitate to tell you that you need something but I’d come to reviews for a definitive answer. I’m going to skip most of the product information and details (because most likely you’ve already read all about it) and just give you what I love and my overall verdict. You can start using this when your baby is 4 months old!

What I love: 

  1. Really easy to clean. I use my beloved Purell Alcohol Spray to disinfect this bad boy every month or so. The fabric seat liner is easy to get off and throw in the washing machine. I have washed the seat cover many, many times and it has held up very well. The foot support platform is also easy to wipe down or just shake off really quick.
  2. Not an eyesore. Modern yet simple, I like that this activity center is a little easier on the eyes, especially since it’s now a permanent fixture in our dining room.
  3. Discounts. Carter’s/Skip Hop always have really good coupons so you shouldn’t have to pay full price for this.
  4. A safe, portable place for baby to be while I need to get things done. When she wasn’t mobile this was the perfect addition to our rotation during awake time. Tummy time/floor time, Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up and then the Skip Hop Activity Center. Now that she can teleport (blink and she’s in a new place) it’s nice to have a safe, stationary place we can put her. We do try to limit her time in this to around 20-30 minutes a day.



Worth it. I love the simplicity of this activity center and it has been one of our most used pieces of baby gear. We have been impressed with the quality of our Skip Hop products, they are well made and sturdy, which I love.  Although I think there are some more affordable options, if you’re planning on having more babies I think this is a good investment. They also just came out with the cutest edition of this activity table that is cloud-themed. So presh.


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