Zutano Booties: THE Baby Staple for Winter

Hello, again friends! I’ve been MIA for a while. We were out of town the past week and my daughter also came down with hand, foot, and mouth…which was the definition of #fun. Totally being sarcastic, being trapped in a hotel room with a sick baby was extremely exhausting.

ANYWHO, the topic of the day is these Zutano booties. As of a day ago, most of Texas became an arctic tundra, we’re talking 80 degrees to 35 degrees. We originally purchased these a couple months ago for a trip to San Francisco. We wanted something that would keep our daughter’s feet warm and that she wouldn’t be able to pull off.

Enter these Zutano booties. They are made of the softest, coziest fleece. They have elastic tabs that secure the bootie around the ankle with two snap button settings. The adjustable snaps are one of my favorite features of the shoe because they allow you to get the perfect fit for baby’s growing feet. They are snug but not tight and come up high on the foot to make sure your babies feet stay super warm. Plus, your baby will look like a little Eskimo.

The boots are machine washable but I prefer to hand wash these with some Woolite to maintain the fleece and shape. I honestly recommend these over socks if your baby is under one. Baby socks are little Houdini’s anyways, and once they get older they will be pulling those suckers off about as quickly as you put them on.

Buy them on Amazon here. If your baby is walking, they make the exact same booties but with grippers on the bottom, linked here.

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