A Well-Made Walker Mom and Baby Will Love: The Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker Review

Hi friends. Welcome back to the blog. My daughter turns one next week (trying not to cry typing that) and she wants to practice walking all the time. Whether that’s holding our hands and walking, pushing our chairs around or using the back of the stroller to walk. I wanted to get her a walker because they are the perfect baby height for practicing.

As with everything I purchase, I want my money to be well spent. As I sifted through reviews for different walkers, I noticed that the biggest complaints of the two most popular walkers (Vtech and Fisher-Price) were that they aren’t sturdy and the wheels suck.

My daughter weighs around 24 pounds and can easily tip over lightweight plastic toys. I wanted something she could pull up on without it falling on her. I stumbled on the Little Tikes Walker on Amazon and the reviews were amazing.

My local Target had it in stock and I picked it up over the weekend!

The short and sweet review.

What I love most: 

-RUBBER WHEELS. The wheels are strong and grip really well which means my daughter can push this across multiple surfaces and over lips and ledges in our flooring/carpeting.

-2-speed settings. Adjust the wheel speed as your little one grows and gets more comfortable walking.

-STURDY. Baby can get a good grip and pull up on this without it tipping.


What I don’t like: 

-You can lock the wheels by sliding the activity board down but the mechanisms make it difficult.

-The mechanisms to fold the walker down are annoying too but since I probably won’t do that often it’s not a big deal.

fullsizeoutput_226cAll in all, I’m really happy with my decision. My daughter loves playing with the activity board and walking all over the house. It’s so precious to watch how proud they are “walking” on their own.

When did your babies start walking? My daughter just started crawling (11 months) so I’m thinking we still have a while.



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