Why Baby Playpens? Because Mom’s Have To Pee and Get Something Done At Some Point

Baby play yards. Just another item on the loooong list of things that moms are mom-shamed for. Well, sign me up because I have sh*t to do and Lord knows I can’t do any of it now that my little one can teleport in the blink of an eye. I swear, one moment she’s playing quietly with her toys and the next she’s pulling the trash can on her head. There’s no in between people!

I’ve had it pretty easy up until now because my daughter just started crawling at 11 months. She was definitely still mobile before but once they can crawl it’s a whole other story.

I needed a safe space for her when I cook dinner, go to the bathroom and do other things without having to keep my eyes on her every second. Mamas, you know how hard it is to get stuff done when you’re watching a baby that wants to get into everything. Obviously, I don’t leave my daughter in this unattended for long periods of time, I still constantly check on her, but it’s so nice having a space that is 100% safe for her to play in.

As per the origin of the majority of these blog posts, I spent hours on Amazon trying to figure out which baby playpen I wanted to go with. I debated the portable play yards but they are pretty small and feel more like a pack and play. I didn’t want something that made my daughter feel trapped.

Here’s what ultimately pushed me towards this Baby Care Playpen:

  1. The simplicity. There are no extra built-in toys, stickers or parts that baby can choke on if they break.
  2. It’s large, enclosing 31.6 square feet. I can fit in this with her comfortably and we still have room to play. She can crawl and walk no problem. If you assemble all the panels in a straight line together it’s about 12 feet long.
  3. It feels open. You can see through the slats on the panels and she has enough room to see what’s going on.
  4. Customizable, the playpen can be broken apart or put together in whatever shape/way you want. You can even just make it one long fence/gate for a room if you wanted to.
  5. The material is easy to clean and SAFE! The plastic is “Phthalate Free, BPA Free, Lead-Free, Latex Free, Formaldehyde Free, and EVA Free”!

For more of my review, watch the video below:

My house looks like a Korean daycare now but it’s more than worth it! How do you get stuff done at this age? Do you use baby gates, pack and plays or some sort of magic?

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