Mom Podcasts I Look Forward To Listening To

I love podcasts because you can multitask while listening. I listen to them while driving, cleaning, washing dishes or even just sitting on the couch browsing the internet.

This is kind of related but can we just take a second to talk about Airpods. They are perfect for mom life! Hands-free listening! Wow, I’m telling you these have changed my life. It’s how I tune in to all my podcasts around the house, at the park or on a walk. I can’t say enough good things about them. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a fellow mom/dad or need something for your Christmas wish list, these would be awesome!

My favorite mom/motherhood podcasts are:


Coffee and Crumbs. I love, love these ladies. It’s three moms that cover a topic each episode and they all weigh in on how they do things. It’s so nice because each mom has their own unique approach and motherhood style. You always find someone you can relate to and it’s refreshing to hear a different approach. They always link to what they are talking about, they have a great website and just overall I’m obsessed.

Some of my favorite episodes are This Is How We Do: Organization & Systems, Marital Communication, Pregnancy, Bedtime, Talking With Kids About Tricky People, Preserving Memories (and our sanity).


Babes and Babies. Okay, I’m not a big Bachelor person but I love Jade Roper and have followed her on Instagram for a while, so when I saw she had a podcast I had to listen! It’s three ladies from the Bachelor, Carly Wadell and Jade are both moms (young babies) and then they have Liz who is a Doula. It’s a really fun podcast, very honest and open and I love the experts they bring to the show. They have a Facebook group that I LOVE, it’s literally saved my life on multiple occasions. I love being a part of motherhood communities.

Some of my favorite episodes are EP22: Mom So Hard with Instagram Sensation Maya VorderstrasseEP11: ALL Things mom w/ Guest Catherine Giudici Lowe and EP27: Chatting with Blogging Sensation Amber Fillerup Clark.


The Mom Hour. Two moms, Meagan and Sarah, talking motherhood topics and general lifestyle things. They are very real and cover some really great topics, they have eight kids between them, ranging in age from preschool to teen.

Some of my favorite episodes are More Than Mom: ExerciseHelping Kids With Doctor’s Visits Shots and “Appointment Fear”, The Life-Changing Magic of Arbitrary Rules and Mom Habits We Just Can’t Shake.


Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs. This is a Christian motherhood podcast. I forget how I stumbled upon it but I really have enjoyed the perspective of an experienced mom whose kids are now all grown up. I really enjoy the topics covered and their Christian lens on motherhood. They describe their podcast as “designed to encourage and equip moms through the precious, busy, challenging and life-changing journey of motherhood.”

Some of my favorite episodes are How Do I Manage My Home Without Going Crazy?, How Do I Start To Focus On Me Again? and Intimacy After Babies.


Coffee Convos. I grew up watching Teen Mom and it’s still my guilty pleasure. There’s something about watching these girls grow up and feeling like I know them. I also think Chrisley Knows Best is absolutely hilarious. When I saw that Kail and Lindsie had a podcast together, I was a little confused. It’s just a strange combination of unexpected podcast hosts but they are actually perfect together. They are complete opposites in some ways, both are very strong-willed and hilarious.

They talk about all kinds of topics, some are motherhood related and some aren’t. It’s like chit-chatting with friends or more like listening.

Some of my favorite episodes are EP42: Teen Mom OG’s Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra, Addiction, & Counseling, EP39: Sixteen and Pregnant’s Lindsey Nicholson, NICU Babies, Adoption and Kail’s Stomach Bug! and EP32: Fan Follow-ups, Dad Babysitting, & Childhood.

Hope you guys stumbled upon something new you can listen to. Let me know what your favorite “mom” podcasts are. I will probably do another post on my regular (non-mom related) podcasts.


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