Basket Toy Storage: How One Basket Can Help With Toy Minimalism

Happy New Year friends! I am back from a long hiatus. I took a break from my blog and Instagram for the holiday season. It was so refreshing, I highly recommend taking a technology/social media break. One of my goals for 2019 is to define my relationship with technology instead of letting it define my life! I gave up my personal Instagram and checking it for the entire year. I’m 2 weeks in and the crazy part is that I don’t miss it at all. Did you make any big goals for 2019? I’d love to hear about them.

Today’s quick recommendation is this $20, At Home Boat Shaped Basket for toy storage. ALL of my daughter’s toys fit in this bad boy, it goes with most home decor and it’s easy to move around.



Another benefit has been the ‘minimalism’ aspect of having one basket or bin for all the toys. It’s led to us adopting a policy of only having as many toys as can fit in this basket. It’s so nice not feeling outnumbered by the number of toys you have! Let’s face it, kids don’t even care about toys that much anyways, they’d much rather have a pen, a rock, cup or box. I think we believe the lie as parents that our kids need new toys to be stimulated or learning.

If you don’t have an At Home store near you, I found almost identical options on Amazon: here, here and here.

Maybe it’s the first time mom in me that thinks she can keep all of her kids toys in a basket for life. I’m cautiously optimistic, but for now, it’s working.

Stay tuned… 😛



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