January’s Bookshelf

Spending less time on my phone has given me so much more time for other activities (Step Brothers)! But, in all seriousness, I have been able to read more.  I love seeing what other people are reading and adding new books to my “to-read list” so I thought I’d make this a monthly thing.

Here is a quick overview of the four books I read this month and whether I think you should skip ’em or read ’em.

fullsizeoutput_25eeHow To Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price: Read it! Practical, convicting and eye-opening. If you’ve been wanting to spend less time on your phone this book is for you. She gives some awesome ideas about how to set some clear boundaries with your phone TODAY.


Garden City by John Mark Comer: Read it! Full disclosure: this is a Christian book. It gives a very fresh perspective on the role of work in the Christian life as well as God’s purpose for work. If you’re not listening to his church’s podcast already, I highly recommend it. I’ve linked it here: Bridgetown Church Podcast.


13 Things Mentally Strong Parent’s Don’t Do by Amy Morin: Read it! I would say this book is more for a parent who is out of toddlerhood.  This is not one of those parenting books with a bunch of filler and no tangible action steps. The way this book is written makes it super easy to absorb the information and practical steps to make them a part of your parenting.


The Myth of the Spoiled Child by Alfie Kohn: Skip it! I was really excited to read this book but it was definitely not what I expected. This book is more of a research-approached criticism trying to debunk the perception that “kids are more spoiled these days”. Interesting at parts but I mostly found it repetitive and boring.

I hope you all are having a good first month of 2019 and kicking butt on your goals. Stick with them!

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