Crap, They Have to Wear Shoes Now… My Two First Baby Shoe Brand Favorites

Your little love can now walk! It’s surreal watching the baby you have held and carried forever take those first steps on their own two feet. If this just happened for you or if it’s right around the corner, it’s probably time to start looking for their first pair of walking shoes.

I know some people put little shoes on their babies as soon as they are born but my daughter’s feet were always in onesies, socks or Zutano’s. I decided not to buy baby shoes from the get-go because they are dangerously cute (I would have bought all of them) but pointless because baby feet grow INSANELY fast!

On to what you are here for, the two top FIRST baby walking shoes I recommend.

Robeez Soft Soles and First Kicks 


These (Robeez Girls’ Soft Soles with Bow Back) were the very, very first official shoes I bought for my daughter. They are made of a super soft suede and leather which is perfect for molding to those chunky, wide baby feet. My favorite feature though is the elasticized ankle which makes taking these on and off quick and easy. They are extremely light (like socks) which is perfect for babies who are getting the hang of walking because they offer a little bit of sole/foot protection.


Robeez has THE CUTEST styles, I’ll leave a couple of my favorites linked below. For reference, my daughter has fit in the 6-12 month size from about 10 to 15 months (now) and is just starting to outgrow them!

Another Robeez shoe option is the “First Kicks”, which are intended for beginner walkers too. The First Kicks have a little more of a shoe feel with a closer fit and cushioned insole for support.


KEEN Toddlers’ Newport H2 


Funny story on these, my mom gave these to our daughter for her first Christmas (she was 2 months old) in a size 4. At first, I was kind of like “what?” and “why?” and “these look like a boy’s water shoe”… But, flash forward to me organizing my daughter’s closet, I found these (completely forgot about them) a week after she started walking and they fit her perfectly! Thanks mom, you know better than me.

They aren’t the best looking shoe but I can tell my daughter loves walking in them. The sole is a real rubber sole, a little thick but it gives a nice weight to the foot which seems to help her balance as she walks.


Velcro, giving mom’s life everywhere. Velcro straps are a must on kids shoes and these Newport’s have them. It’s fairly easy to get these on and off and they are machine washable! The KEEN website describes their shoe well, “This supportive sandal can take anything a kid can dish out. An adjustable hook-and-loop strap lets kids put them on themselves, and quick-drying webbing is perfect in and out of the water.”

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, the shoe is “treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield® antimicrobial technology that helps prevent odor, staining and deterioration.” Sold.

Needless to say, these have grown on me so much that I will be purchasing them for my daughter in a bigger size! I really think they are the best kids shoe! For reference, my daughter was a size 4 from 12-15 months and is now needing to size up to size 5.

Buy them on Amazon here or on the KEEN website here.

Disclaimer: We do live in Texas, which means warmer temperatures. These two shoes may not be the best option for babies walking in winter temperatures! 

Thank you so much for your interest and for reading this far! What are your favorite first baby/toddler shoes?! I would love to hear below.



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