Listening And Loving: My Latest Podcast Finds

Hi Friends!

Here are some of the new podcast finds I’ve been bingeing lately.

  1. Bear Brook
  2. Monster: The Zodiac Killer
  3. The Shrink Next Door
  4. Household Name
  5. The Dream
  6. Man In The Window
  7. Confronting O.J. Simpson
  8. After Class Podcast

Bear Brook– Bodies in barrels? Who are they? Beware, this podcast sucks you in. I was listening to this in bed at 11pm because I couldn’t go to bed without finishing the last episode.

Monster: The Zodiac Killer– The quest continues to solve one of the most notorious mysteries. Who is the Zodiac Killer and where is he?

The Shrink Next Door– The story of a shockingly bizarre relationship between a man and his psychiatrist.

Household Name– Find out how the brands you love and know came to be.

The Dream– Ripping the veil off the ever so shady world of MLM’s.  

Man In The Window– A mind-boggling recount of The Golden State Killer and his reign of terror.

Confronting O.J. Simpson– Ron Goldman’s sister takes you behind the circus of the O.J. Simpson trial from a very personal perspective.

After Class Podcast– An Old Testament, New Testament and Theology professor take a deeper look at Biblical and Christian topics from multiple angles.

What are the podcasts you are listening to and loving right now? Share below! I am always looking for new additions.

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