My Secret Weapon For Boosting Your Toddler’s Immune System and Preventing Sickness: Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Powder Packs

Hey Friends!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Here in West Texas, we’ve been getting cooked by the heat. This past week the temperatures didn’t drop below 100° ! I’ve been alternating between the pool and air-conditioned activities (#momwin).

I love summer for two reasons, sunshine and less sickness! Although cold and flu season has died down a little bit, I thought I’d still share my secret weapon for boosting my daughter’s immune system: probiotics! I SWEAR by the Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Powder Packs (Chocolate Flavored).

During the fall and winter I give this to my daughter on a more regular basis. Since, it’s summertime, I usually only give them to her once or twice a week.


How do they work? The probiotics are in little powder packets that I mix with 8 oz of water. My daughter chugs it all in one sitting! I would advise giving it to your child after nap time because it does help with gas/constipation, sometimes it works a little too well and my daughter will poop in the middle of her nap. I’d recommend playing it safe and serving it with an afternoon snack or lunch.

I love the convenience of the little packets for on the go and travel. I love that these help with constipation AND the immune system. I also love that my daughter loves the flavor and it helps her drink more water. It’s a win-win for both of us!

What are your mom hacks for keeping your kids healthy? Let me know below!


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