February Favorites

Hey friends. It’s been a while. My 2020 goal of being more consistent with my blog has obviously been off to a slow start! (this is becoming my regular introduction…)

Some updates…

We have a potty trained 2-year-old. We bit the bullet in December and I can now say she’s fully potty trained!

I started working out again. I’m not quite sure if I am actually less flabby or if it’s a psychological effect but feeling less jiggly overall. And with that important news update, let’s get into the favorites. Untitled design.png

  1. OXO Straw Cup-  Won’t leak all over your diaper bag! I love that you can cover the straw, it’s dishwasher safe and relatively easy to clean.
  2. Pampers Cruisers 360 Degree Fit Diapers We are still in diapers for nap and overnight. These are my all time favorite diapers, they don’t dig into the skin and fit more like stretchy underwear. We’ve never had any leaks with them either. You can buy these through the link but I’d recommend buying them at Target, they are a little cheaper there.
  3. New Balance Toddler Velcro Shoes These are simple to get on and off, the thick velcro band really makes it so easy and they are nice and wide.
  4. 5-Minute Peppa Stories I hesitate to recommend this because your toddler will never stop asking you to read it! It’s a big book with a bunch of cute stories based on everyday life things (why I think toddler’s love it so much). I’ve been reading it pretty exclusively for the past 3 months, I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.
  5. Itzy Ritzy Mini Backpack My everyday bag (taupe color). I love the size/weight of the backpack and the simplicity of the inside. It also has thick rubber feet so you don’t have to worry about setting it on the ground. My only complaint is that toddler cups do not fit in the outside side pockets so I have to keep her cups inside the main part of the bag. That may be a dealbreaker for you.
  6. Purell Hand Wipes I keep these in my backpack always for wiping down carts, toddler hands, my steering wheel, etc. I like the convenience of single use since I don’t use them every day.


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